Empower. Advocate. Transform.

The Confess Project Barber Coalition


The Confess Project Barber Coalition is an online community represented of Barbers from the African American community. We are the voices for Mental Health Advocacy and Social Justice Initiatives. We leverage digital media, and various means of technology to convey a culturally relevant message.

Vision: “I am more than a pair of clippers; I am improving my community through the barber chair one client at A Time”


  • Must be a Licensed Barber

  • Must live in the Southern or Midwest Region part of the United States

  • Must use have access to Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) or be a part of a Barbershop facility that has a business page on social media.

  •  Must be willing to learn, educate and receive training geared towards the broad scope of Mental Health

  • Be willing to engage in Social Justice Driven Initiatives, pertaining to The Confess Project programming focus.


  • Be a part of a national network of Barbers that can enhance the short and long term career focus in barbering.

  • Have 24/7 Access to a private social media group, personal recognition as a Barber to our national network and Advertisement Opportunities

  • Become a trained Mental Health Advocate

  • Receive promotional apparel, gifts and promotional items from The Confess Project

Beyond The Shop

Encourages cultural dialogue of African American males and speaking about emotional health. Beyond the Shop serves as the bridge for public health disparities with marginalized males that will come in contact with/or seek treatment of any emotional related social issues. In addition, we train Barbers to become Mental Health Advocates.




Stated that the program was effective in providing mental health education

Stated that they will seek mental health services from a professional if it was located in a barbershop.

Men of color wanting to receive professional services for their emotional and mental health.