TCP University


With only 2% of psychiatrists being African-American, there is a critical shortage of mental health workers of color across the U.S. TCP aims to bridge this gap through a certification program that equips mental health advocates across the country with best practices for engaging communities of color. 

Our Advocacy1on1 course—adapted from our proven Beyond the Shop method that encourages dialogue in unorthodox settings—is tailored to each of the following: 

Individuals. Provide tools to regular folks who seek to increase access and decrease stigma for communities of color, no matter their affiliation. Online course. Payment is required. Will accept sponsorships.

Community Organizers. Equip those working in organizations dedicated to social justice, human rights, community and public health, and LGBT rights with tools on how to respond to mental health issues within the context of their work. Online course. Payment is required. Will accept sponsorships.

College Students. Teach student leaders of color at HBCU institutions how to become peer advocates. Online course. Payment is required. Will accept sponsorships.

Educators. Train professionals working in school settings in trauma-informed practices (i.e. ACEs) for marginalized communities, especially boys and men of color. In-person facilitation ONLY. Cost negotiable. 

Mental Health Professionals. Offer culturally-sensitive, culturally competent trainings for those on the frontlines of mental health advocacy. Will count toward CEUs. In-person facilitation ONLY. Cost negotiable.