Our Impact

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Since the Inception in May 2016, The Confess Project has reached over 15,000 individuals nationally. We have been mentioned 30 times including Local, National and International Media and Publication Outlets.


In a Preliminary data study with The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences College of Public Health (COPH) (2019): A total of 73 Barbershop participants participated in the study. Most participants were African American (98% pre-evaluation, 89% post-evaluation) and male (89% pre-evaluation, 82% post-evaluation). The participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with their personal relationships and the mean satisfaction score was 7 out of 10. 29% of individuals (out of 37 who reported not wanting to seek help from a mental health professional at baseline) said they would consider receiving treatment in the future. 91% had a better understanding of mental health after the shop talk.

Conclusions: The results of the study suggest that this program made an impact in increasing participants understanding of the importance of mental health and is positively associated with treatment seeking attitudes. (Tori, Johnson; the Confess Project)

In 2018, The Confess Project toured seven southern and Midwest cities the results reflected 91.3% of all participants in the seven targeted cities stated that they were “better” informed of mental health then they were before the sessions


stated they would receive mental health therapy if it was located in a Barbershop.


of men of color stated they wanted to receive mental health services from a therapist